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IT, BFSI, BPO to see growth in hiring in next 6 months

MUMBAI: About 84 per cent of recruiters surveyed are anticipating an increased hiring activities in the coming six months both new job creation and replacement hiring categories, according to a survey. This hiring trend will mainly be driven by industries including IT, BFSI (banking, financial services, insurance) and BPO, according to ‘Naukri Hiring Outlook 2019’, […]

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Scary interview mistakes – a recruiters retrospective

Scary interview mistakes – a recruiters retrospective scary_interview_mistakes Remember that dream where you’re half way through an interview, look down and you’re naked? Or running late to your job interview but your feet are stuck in cement? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? That’s because interviews can be scary. Sometimes reality is even scarier than our dreams, […]

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10 best ways to market your skills and experience better

When you’re looking for a job, even if your own natural inclination is to be modest, there’s no place for it in the jobs market. Your ability to stand out from the crowd means getting your skills, experience and knowledge in front of the companies that you want to work for. Getting that all important […]

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Top tips for successful interviews – Do your research

Do your research As part of your interview you will be asked specific questions about the organisation. It is therefore essential you have done your research by searching the company website and other online sources such as LinkedIn or simply running a Google search. Have a look at the company’s annual report, latest news and […]

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Interview no-no’s: what you should NOT be asked

It’s a common phrase uttered by most; “interviews are stressful”. No matter how much you prepare curating your CV, nailing your or practicing with friends there are some questions your can’t prepare for. So what do you when you’re asked something a little out of the ordinary? Occasionally employers can overstep the line in what they’re legally allowed […]

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Here is a list of Questions NOT to ask in an interview

You brought your A-game. You delivered. You reckon you’ve got it in the bag. Inside your head its high fives all round – but wait, what’s that sound pulling you back from your celebratory day dream? Uh oh, it’s THAT question – the one dreaded by all interviewees… “Do you have any questions for me?” […]

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